Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 6 of pentacles


IN this card we see three people. I will describe them before the rest of the card. The female is weariang a wide brimmed hat, and appears to be well dressed. She is the one who appears to be in the driving seat so to speak. She is the one who appears in charge of the scales.

Below her, kneeling on the floor are two young children. The female is to the right, and has her arms outstretched, palms facing upwards. We could recognise this gesture as either waiting to be given something, or begging for something.
The young boy to her right is also looking at the female, but his body language is more passive. He has his left arm hanging loose down by his side, and we see in his right hand he has an open book.

Now we turn to the scales. As this is steampunk, we should guess they are rather ornate :) The two pans are hanging from a wooden stand, the arms of the stand decorated with the symbol of the suit: x 6 pentacles. In one pan we see a pile of coins. In the other pan we see two closed books.

I guess this now brings to mind two possible issues, those being: a) need or b) merit.
I guess usually we see this card as being associated with charity, or giving to those in need. Barbara has shown that possibility through the young girl, but I like how she also includes earning something, or being given what you deserve - no more and no less.

It may be the young lad has studied and he is about to be given a reward for his efforts, but in keeping with the level of commitment he has shown. If we follow this aspect of the card, we may be led to believe the young girl hasn't quite 'got it' it yet, and may find she has a way to go. That life does not give out without effort or return being made for what is offered.

However, we still have enough to realise charity is often the best way forward. That we should not judge others and assume everyone is in the position to be able to provide for themselves. I have been through a few earthquakes here in NZ, and it was when I saw charity in its truest form. It was heart warming. I also so some who decided to jump on the bandwagon, but they were soon sussed out and sent packing!!
I also saw many people who were in dire need reluctant to ask for help. Pride was still strong. I wonder if this is being portrayed by the young guy, but luckily for him, someone is still there willing to offer help, even if it has not been requested.

Gotta say - I like this card :)