Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 6 of Swords


Here we have a mechanically propelled balloon. Inside the motor driven basket we have two people. The pilot is focussed on flying and steering of the vehicle.

Slightly behind him we see a female passenger. She too is adorned in flying gear which has been described with previous cards (fur lined jacket and flying goggles). She is facing over one side of the basket, but is looking forward. Maybe this is showing she is hesitant about totally turning her back on the past, but is on the whole, prepared to look to the future.

Either side of the basket we see what could be engines or missiles. Not too sure, as they do have fins, so I am more in thinking they are missiles. The vehicle is airborne, with good weather around them. Blue skies and white clouds the only thing they have to contend with. We are reminded of the suit by the presence of 6 swords decorating the actual balloon above the basket.

To be honest, this is not a card that jumps out at me with much indication as to what is going on. We are led to believe the female has chosen to leave behind a situation that is no longer relevant to her, for whatever reason. Yet she is not giving that impression. She does not appear to have any possessions with her (maybe to show she is willing to walk away and start totally afresh) but nor does her demeanor give any indication as to how she feels about the journey ahead. If we didn't know different, we could be forgiven for thinking she is just on a jaunt. Maybe if she had been dressed differently I would have been of the opinion she was not on a planned jaunt.

I guess for now, I don't really feel any real link or excitement with this card. Should it appear in a reading and I get a 'eureka' moment I will update this posting.


There is a lightning bolt on the balloon, a nod to the the tower card. I see this as the aftermath of a "tower moment" when suddenly everything becomes clear and we are able to finally move on from a difficult situation.