Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 6 of Wands


Interesting scene. An initial glance would give the impression of subdued victory.

The main focus of the card is of a militry looking gentleman on the back of a either a gold-coloured metal horse, or it is a real horse that is well and truly adorned in gold armoury.
He appears to be wearing ceremonial garb as opposed to battle garb and is holding aloft in his right hand a long pike of sorts. At the end of the pike is a green garland or laurel wreath. Coming off the wreath (and to a lesse extent off the pike tips of a couple of onlookers) we see some light purple ribbon, or something that looks like ribbon anyway.

The rider is passing a building. On the balcony of the first floor of the building, we see three other people overlooking the rider as he passes by. We are led to believe they play the part of a welcoming home party of sorts, but they do not appear to be displaying any signs of celebration. Maybe this is a Victorian way of conducting yourself - that overt displays in public would be a little frowned upon.

At road level we see 4 other people. They too seem rather expressionless and motionless. One woman is holding aloft a similar spike but it is significantly smaller than that of the rider. Barbara has led us to believe she is welcoming the conquering hero as he passes through the scene. Another observer also has a similar spike. These two people also have this purplish ribbon like stuff emitted from the end of their pikes. Overall I just pick up the vibe of quiet respect and awe. Very different to how this card is portrayed in many other decks.

The rider is unflinchingly focussed on the road ahead. He has shown no indiction of noticing any of the onlookers. This may well be due to his training, and the fact he is taking his role and his achievements seriously. To smile and wave may come across as arrogant and gloating. Something very unbecoming of his rank and standing.

I like how he has chosen to adorn the horse instead of himself. This shows to me he is not prepared to take all the glory, when in fact if he hadn't had the support of his horse, he may well not have survived to be here today. I would see this as giving credit where it is due, and not taking it all for yourself.