Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 7 of cups


"In this moment, all possible futures exist - until you choose one". (Taken from the accompanying book by Barbara Moore),

We have what appears to be a well-to-do gentleman looking into a shop window. He is wearing a top hat which is slightly to one side. I kinda like this quirkiness. It makes me think he is a little off the wall, perhaps not as enamoured with appearance as we initially thought, and is a little prone to living in a dream world. (It is leaning to the left so not so much analytical stuff going on if you know what I mean).

We can see 7 metal cast chalices inside on display, at varying levels and heights. Not only are they at various levels and heights, they are on various displays (shelves, ledges etc) and each chalice is also different in design. Now that alone could be a bit of an assault on the senses but that is not where it ends. Oh no. :D Each chalice holds a different item. This is where we do have a strong link with the RWS imagery and some of the symbolism:
and another item I can't quite make out for now. So, if it were your 'thing' to use symbolism in a reading, you have plenty here to get the juices flowing :)

I guess here we really can fall back on the RWS interpretation to quite a large degree. He is spoiled for choice. If each item was lined up it may be easy to work your way along and perhaps choose. However, with the differing eyelines, differing display methods etc - it is like trying to compare apples and oranges. Makes it soooo much more difficult.

So, there is a danger of being frozen in indecision. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe we are being asked not to act impulsively. Yet at the same time, we may be missing an opportunity that may only be present for a certain amount of time. I guess surrounding cards definitely come into play as to which direction I should be going in.
I can't help but think though, he may not even be in the business of looking to make a choice. Maybe he is just enjoying the fact he does have options, and knows he doesn't have to choose just yet.

And if we relate this to literal window shopping, we can incorporate how we feel about that particular exercise - particularly if it were linked with the 4 of coins.