Steampunk tarot (Moore) 7 of wands


I have on occasion seen this card resemble a bit of a battlefield, with everyone turning on everyone else. Here, we have the one character, and a very different vibe.

The mountain behind our female is snow and ice clad. I guess symbolically, that could show she is not going to let emotion get the better of her, and such she may come across as unflinching and uncaring. Or it could show she will stand her ground for as long as it takes. It may be spring before there is a sign of a melt or a sign of cracks appearing, so whoever is involved here - this stand off could last a while for sure.

SHe also seems to be dressed as if ready for cold and biting weather, so she is unlikely to have the elements force her to concede or move on. The staff she is holding is quite robust and she is holding it firmly in both hands.
Below her we see just the tips of the other staffs, but they seem to be all different designs. Looks like different people are below her, so you are left to wonder what is going on. A possible ragtag army, or it may indicate different people from different walks of life have felt the calling to confrontation.

** Is her stance aggressive or defensive? How would the latter or former affect the interpretation?

** When does making a stand cross over to becoming something different? (Being stubborn, not willing to compromise etc)

** How does it feel when you are the only person who decides to stand up for what you believe in? Is it easier to stand alone or more difficult in such a situation?

** What can be deduced about the heads on the staffs below her?

** Has she put herself on that pedestal, or is it the only place she could find for safety?

** What advantage does she have over those below her? What advantage do they have over her?

Interesting card. Having looked at it in detail, it does have various directions open for interpretation, which may not have at first been apparent.