Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 8 wands


Quite often with this card, we see just 8 wands flying through the air, and are expected to pick up a lot of potential from that image. I know I sometimes struggle, and in the absence of anything else on the card I tend to fall back on traditional key phrases, and what is happening with surrounding cards. I just feel it isn't quite enough, and feel I am copping out if that makes sense.

Here, we have 8 wands flying through the air (towards the right - future?) and what I like is that they are all very different. Two seem to be absolutely glowing, as if they are in fact meteorites, so I straight away get a sense of real speed with them. Of course they could be just lit, and what we are seeing is the backward motion of the glow as they go through the air, but hey I love it when my imagination takes hold :)

They have just been released from a steampunk style launcher which will only take 8 of these at any one time, the smoke from the gunpowder idling skywards. The person responsible for initiating this is also shown in the card - or is he? We can assume he has just let them fly, but he is just standing there and we cannot see him in contact in any way with the launcher.

So, letting my style come back in of raising points for musing over:

** Are these weapons or not? They are not sharpened so what would they be used for? How does that relate to the reading or issue in question?

** What is the relevance of them all being different? Would it make a difference if one in particular became the focus of our reading?

** What can be gathered about their speed, or likely distance to be travelled?

** How similar is this character to the often unseen character see operating the wheel in the 'Wheel of Fortune' card. How are his actions different?

** What do you make of the timing of the launch? How much window of opportunity was there to capitalise on a timely launch?