Steampunk tarot (Moore) 9 of Pentacles


Something we can readily associate with, due to its similarity to the RWS imagery.

Here we have a well dressed female wearing a green dress - the colour we would usually associate with this particular suit.
She has both arms raised, her right hand palm turned upwards with the fingers curled inwards. It is not really possible to tell if she is holding anything in this hand. Her left hand is gloved, and wee see the bird of prey. What strikes me is that this bird is HUGE, and it would take some strength to hold it in position for any length of time. Yet she gives the impression of not being particularly strong in any part of the body. Goes to show how appearances can be deceiving eh. :)

We see a metal cast gate leading to what appears to be a garden behind it. The metalwork shows 9 pentacles, again a reminder of the suit and number of the card.
With regard what is behind the gate, it is rather blurred so we can only really guess. Other traditional imagery does appear to be missing. (The wee snail etc).

I do like how Barbara describes this card, as it really fits with my take. I have often seen this card as indicating self-reliance, or opulance borne from being independant, and working alone in order to be self-sufficient. In fact, lots of words beginning with 'self'.
This lady may not have had to rely on anyone else to find herself in this position. A great asset, but can also become a little bit of a negative if taken to extreme (If that makes sense). I have been accused of being too independant, even 11 years into a relationship. I guess upbringing has had a part to play in that, but I do understand how it can easily become a trait that could be restrictive.

Anyways, back to the card. Things to ponder, which may be answered in a reading:

** Often the bird is hooded. This one doesn't appear to be. How would that be interpreted should this card appear?

** What can be made of her closed fingers in her right hand?

** Is the gate a barrier, protection or something else?