Steampunk tarot (Moore) 9 wands


This guy looks like he has been through the mill a little. He has his head bandaged (no sign of any wound though), and looks a little dishevelled. Having said that, with the line of work he is in, that is to be expected.

He is standing slightly to the right in this card, looking towards the right hand side of the card (future ??) through a small telescope.
In his right hand he is holding a tall flame lit staff of sorts.
Behind him is a large contraption that appears to be steam driven. We see steam escaping from a small valve at the bottom of the machine, and next to the valve is a gauge. The gauge indicator is pointing upwards.
There is another gauge at the top of the contraption, to the left of a vertical pipe.
The card itself is quitge dark, so much mord etail is not really apparent, other than the showing of some cogs of varying sizes.

If I were to give a generic take I have for this card in general, it is usually along the lines of "Keep going. The road ahead is hard and draining of energies, but the end is in sight". However, I am very aware each deck is different, and the above may either need moderating or expanding.
In this case I think it is both :)

** Has he already had a battle of sorts (thus the bandage) and is keeping his eye out for any futher obstacles or battles that may come along?

**If that is the case, how well prepared is he? What of his attire or appearance makes you think this?

** If he spends too much time worrying about 'what might be', what could happen with regards the duties or tasks he should be paying attention to?

** How close is he to taking on issues we associate with the 10 of wands? What could he do now to possibly alleviate any of those pesky 10 of wands issues taking hold?

** How does the term ' letting off steam ' fit with this card and the associations you have with it?

I quite like this image, as there are a few directions you could find yourself following should it appear in a reading. I like the idea of preparedness, an indication of it being hard work or taking a while, but signs are good things will either conclude, pan out or similar. This is due to the fact hard work has been applied, preparation has been done, and an awareness of the need to be continuously alert.

I also like Barbara's final paragraph for this card. She doesn't give an interpretation, but gives a 'pause for thought' of her own:

"The wands represent our will, and magically speaking, our will creates our reality. If your will is focussed on constant attacks and an unending parade of foes, perhaps you are drawing them to you. It doesn't hurt to ask does it?"

It puts me in the mind of someone I know, who is bleating about others always bullying or personally attacking them. They are actively seeking what they perceive as 'evidence' of this, when in fact there is no such issue occurring. Yet by lashing out with accusations they do indeed draw unpleasant comments in return. If they hadn't have taken the stance, it is highly likely there would not have been any ruffled feathers or rocky waves. In this respect, Barbara's writings above make so much sense, and give me a new take to consider for this card.