Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Ace of Cups


A lovely scene indeed.
We have a lily pond with a fountain in the centre. The scene focusses on the fountain which is a metal-wrought chalice. It has 4 spouts and is calmly spouting water from each. The water hits the pond below, and creates small ripples. The decoration atop the fountain is that of a dove in flight. (My first thought was that of a swift or swallow, based on the shape of its tail, so I won't be giving up the day job and challenging David Attenborough for top spot any time soon).

So, we have a nice balance here between the intake of water, and the flowing out of water. The water in the chalice is not overflowing. Instead the only flow we see is more controlled through the 4 spouts instead. We can make what we will of this, but a few of my thoughts:

** 4 spouts could equate to balance in all areas: mind, body, spirit etc.

** The lack of overflow could indicate emotions controlled or contained.

** The lack of serious splashing could indicate the absorbtion of issues, or the situation whereby emotions externally may be different to what is happening beneath the surface.

** What we give of ourselves on an emotional level can lead to others to grow around us. (In this case, the lotus leaf).

Barbara does give a lot of insight into these aces, and it is refreshing to see so much text dedicated to a card that is often given a cursory explanation.