Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Ace of Pentacles


A nice merging of creation and nature. Here we have a huge wrought hand and lower arm. The palm is turned skyward and is holding a very ornately carved penagram. I am not sure what it is. It may be jewellery, it may be an ornament. Whatever it is, we cannot but admire its beauty. It has been well crafted indeed.

Yet nature also throws up its own sense of beauty in a more understated way. This is shown in the form of the wonderfual garden and arched gateway created by a bush of greenery. I will not embarrass myself by trying to identify the flowers, but the pink, purple and yellow offer a sense of softness that is not apparent with the steampunk wrought images of the hand and pentagram. I think this is telling me at times, that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. And that what we need in life is sometimes the simplest of offerings.

We also have a lamp of sorts, emitting a strong beam of light towards the palm and object.

We are reminded this is the suit of earth. And it also reminds us, whatever humans create, we have to acknowledge and remember, the materials used would have been provided at some stage by the earth.

I like the image on this one. Often, aces (along with court cards) are the forgotten cards, and have very little going for them. This one can stimulate the imagination for sure.


I tend to see the lamp in this card, though man-made, is illuminating the gate/archway. This tells me we can "make" our own choices and forge our own paths, and that there is beauty in all things, natural and man-made. We can use our practical natures to go through the gate and "build" our own lives as we see fit.