Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Five of Pentacles


Here we have a recognisable scene for those familiar with RWS based depictions.

It is night time and snowing. Just that combination tells us it is bitterly cold. Therefore we have to reach out with our hearts to the two main characters on this image. They are both children. The older female (woefully inadquately dressed) is holding the hand of a much younger child who is trailing behind her. Is she the older sibling, and thus doing her best to look out for the youngster? If we relate to how things were back in the 1800's this is more than likely going to be the case. So many had to fend for themselves, and sometimes chose that option over living in workhouses.

The building they are passing is probably a church, the window being of stained glass and showing the cogged pentacles as a reminder of the suit represented. We see nobody behind the glass, and no glowing light. Therefore it is possible the church is empty.

Could they find shelter there? Or will the doors be closed? This makes us really consider our own actions and whether we are charitable to those in need. I also have wondered if those in this situation have no faith or belief in what the church represents, and therefore believe any help offered would not be beneficial. So many ways of really interpreting this card.

I also wonder at the actions open to the older child. They may well put the needs of the younger one as priority but at what cost to them? And does that remind us that often, those who do give are those who are actually in need themselves?


One of the symbols on the pentacles (is that earth?) has come loose, showing a precarious situation with the loss of earthly possessions and security.
I get the sense that it just needs a bolt or a screw and it could be fixed. Something so simple could be all that is needed to bring these two some security.


Hi Ambrosia.

Love your take on the cards you have commented on so far. This one really did add something that I would have overlooked, but it could be of huge relevance. (The loose symbol)



Hi Davina. Yes I almost missed it too. Glad I could help - so in love with this deck right now. :)