Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Four of Pentacles


Interesting image.

We have a mechanically propelled boc on a table top. The metal crafted hand is extended vertically. A wman is about to put a coin into the hand of this box. I am guessing it is a money box and the hand will then deposit the coin into the box. We see through the glass at the end of the box, it already contains quite a few coins. The box is operated by being wound up. (There is a winder on the side).

The woman we cannot see. All we can establish about her, is the fact she appears well groomed. Her sleeve is lace, and she has a jewelled bangle. Her nails are painted in the same shade as the gems on her bangle.

So, what does this tell us? Well we often have two different energies we can attribute to this card. One being the issue of being frugal. I remember the saying of "watch the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves". So she may be being careful. Yes, she appears to be comfortable with regards finances (I am using her appearance as a basis for that assumption) but she knows circumstances can change, so it is always best to still have something in reserve. The 'saving for a rainy day' scenario.

Or it could show the other side of the coin (scuse the pun) of being a bit miserly. I really don't get that so much though with this depiction. I don't see her squirreling away if that make sense, or being possessive about what she has. So in that respect, it is heartening to see a different take to what we usually associate with this card: the miser sitting on a chest holding tight a huge coin. :)