Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Four of Wands


Here we have an outside scene. The girl with dark hair is wearing see-through clothing, the skirt showing the shadow of her legs, as the setting sun shines through from behind her. (Reminds me a little of that famous photo of Princess Diana when she was working at a kindergarten).
This female is in the process of putting the finishing touches to the garland that is tied to the 4 tall staffs. These staffs are in the pattern of a square or rectangle, reminding us of how the number 4 is often seen as a key number in many traditions.
What I also note is the fact she is standing on a stall on one foot and reaching quite precariously. This could be a factor should it be the main focus of a reading. In which case, I may want to hedge towards caution as opposed to complacency should a fun time be in the offering. Don't take risks in reaching for that adrenalin burst.

The other female (blonde haired) is behind her and is bending over the basket of fruit. We see she is holding a letter or envelope of sorts. Barbara has said she has found this surprise note in the basket. However, if you want to let your imagination run riot and ignore the book (which I would not advise by the way - it is well written), you may want to see her has perhaps placing the letter for her colleague to find. Or, she may be looking at instructions regarding the construction, and may want to go about it differently. So many possibilities there :)

Either way we get the feeling they are carefree and about to celebrate or have fun. It could be ritualistic, it may be just for the heck of it. Who knows.

A more muted scene compared to some decks, but I like how it is not in your face. It lets you choose which energy you want to follow, or you can view the scene holistically and find it fits comfortably with the RWS depiction.