Steampunk tarot (Moore) - II High Priestess


We are almost in the thought of being inside a fortune tellers tent. The area concerned is quite small. The 'reader' is sitting behind a table, the curtains behind being supported by two pillars. The pillars are somewhat different to how we see them in the RWS decks.
The left sided pillar (which would be her right side) is gold coloured. I see this as the masculine / conscious energy.
The pillar to the right (which would be her left side) is silver coloured. I see this as representing the feminine/intuitive energy.
Both pillars have varying sized cogs but we do see the cogs on one pillar are in symmetry with the cogs on the other pillar.
So, do the cogs of the intuitive control the cogs of the consciousness? Or is it the other way round I wonder?

The lady behind the desk is definitely on the quirky side. She is wearing a top hat with goggles around the brim. (Think of how Slash from Guns 'n' Roses had his top hat with his belt as the brim decoration, and you will be on the right track :D )
She has some (tarot?) cards laid out in front of her, face down so we only see the backs. She has two further cards in her gloved right hand. Her left hand is resting lightly on the crystal ball on the table between the 5 cards. The base of the ball is adorned with three moon phases: waxing crescent, waning crescent and full moon.

What I like about this HP is that she does not come across as all mysterious or moody. If anything she is welcoming, and you have a feeling any reading is going to be full of surprises and fun.