Steampunk tarot (Moore) - III The Empress


Here we have a woman reclining on a chaise lounge. The chaise lounge looks wonderfully padded with deep scarlet cushioning. She is wearing a white dress, has very well taylored shoes (Didn't her mum ever tell her not to put her feet on furniture whilst wearing shoes?) and a red cloak. She is wearing gloves which reach past her elbows. The gloves appear to be a deep gold in colour. In her left hand (which is held slightly elevated) she is holding something that we cannot see. However, it is emitting a light and smoke of sorts.
Her right hand is lying loosely across her stomach - a reminder this is where live is iniated and nurtured prior to birth.

Behind her on the wall we see a clock. The time reads as possibly being 10 minutes past 10. One of the hands is in the shape of a crescent moon.
On the floor besides the chaise lounge we see a gold cushion with the symbol of Venus - a reminder of the feminine aspect and power.

Barbara indicates the colouring of the card and the setting as a whole is relevant. The red relates to the issues of passion, blood and life.

If you are expecting a 'traditional' depiction of the Empress with lots of plant growth around her you will be somewhat disappointed. This whole scene shows a lady who is very much in control of personal power. If she were a ruler, or consort to the Emperor, this is how she would probably be. I always thought the Empress in other decks was not really someone I would see as having authority. This one? Most definitely.

Green Horse

This empress screams 'courtesan' to me. The glamour girl of the day that everyone wanted and only a few were able to pay the price for, that is, if she said yes. Not a crowned head of state through title and birth but elected by the people, self made perhaps and so with loads of power and resource. Those pointy toed shoes could hurt someone. And even if you did pay her price and she let you access her power, you would not get her core, only that which she was willing to give.


In her left hand (which is held slightly elevated) she is holding something that we cannot see. However, it is emitting a light and smoke of sorts.

To me, The Empress is not holding anything quite so tangible as an object tangible. The glowing of her hand represents her aspects of creation and manifestation (of magick).

I feel that this depiction of the Empress conveys a "sexy" pregnant woman. Her facial expression (which may be due to Fell's artistic temperment) and bodily position suggest a "come hither" attitude. I feel that this card introduces the sexuality of many pregnant and mothering women, which is not something one would necessarily like to think of as an adjective to describe their mother/pregnant partner.


THE Empress

Even if she looks inviting,beware of her left hand,she can easily throw it at you or hurt you. Left hand, her emotions are dangerous,knees together, she will not easily be approached. She is in control and she has the power and she knots it.


Right hand means to Give something. Left hand means to Take something. She gives a birth to new life, she is pregnant and places Right hand to her tummy, and her left hand like a Torch. Torch - Ace of wands, association with male phallus. She is in upper Red dress. She had a sex, but she is on one-side sofa... but not double one. It means that she had a sex, she became pregnant but she does not sleep with a man at the same bed... May be time to time... Due to traditions of that time married couples had separate rooms and beds, sexual emotions are hidden behind red curtain. What has she got???? She has got the prestige and power of a married woman by means of the men. This sofa has one high arm. It means that the man she married is her "strong shoulder", he supports her in material way, he gave her Status (black shoes on her feet). Sexual manipulation gave her this High Status. Her position on this sofa is very cozy and stable.
But at the same time we can see white lower dress. In Victorian's times any woman considered like Clear one. She had to be Clear, specially on time when she was pregnant. She turned her right leg the protective way. It means while she is pregnant there would not be sex. At the same time she shows that she is serious married woman and there is no any intrigues aside. There is pillow on the floor with Venus sign. Pillow is the symbol of relax and enjoyment. She enjoys her position and her life. She has happy marriage. She succeeded in family life. She has become dependent on her husband, but an independent and autonomous in her actions.


Steampunk Tarot Empress III

I got a very protective energy from her. Showing the power she holds, even though she is becoming heavier with child, she shows us that she can still protect her priorities.

She is surrounded by wealth and comfort, and well cared for - yet she shows me that none of that would matter if harm came to her child. I looked at her face closely, and it gave me the feeling of "you are a stranger, are you friend or foe?", and proving her magickal prowess with the yellow spark.

The card is asking yourself what your priorities are, what are truly important around you? What would you die to protect, and is it truly worth it?

She's also a figure of transformation from Maiden to Mother, and she makes it appear flawless when it's not always easy.

This is what I wrote for this card:
This is me when I feel insecure and dominant around people I don't know, I'm guarded but I still command respect from around me.
This is a reminder that I should ask myself what my priorities truly are, and are they worth protecting?

And if someone is asking whether or not they're pregnant - this card could be an indicator of the answer, depending what it's paired with.


I lost the book that came with my deck, and this is my first time really REALLY studying them, so I'm following my gut first and foremost, and looking at clues from elsewhere. Seriously wish I had that book though ><