Steampunk tarot (Moore) - IV - The Emperor


Here we have a guy sitting on a very ornate throne of sorts. The throne is in front of a pulled curtain, the curtain a dark brown/green colour.

The Emperor is sitting with his elbows on the arms of the trone, his fingers intertwined but the thumbs pressed against each other. I often see this pose with people who are considering something in their mind, or who are in a position of power. Quite often they will show this hand gesture when listening to someone in front of them.

His clothing is dark and well taylored. He is wearing a monacle over his left eye. Even though there is not a lot going on with this card, he does ooze the sense of power and stability. He doesn't seem to be prone to knee jerk reactions or statements. What he says and does will have thought behind it. Might be a little frustrating to those who want instanct action, but may save time in the long run. If anyone lives by the saying of 'get it right the first time' it will be our Emperor.

I also like how he is not overly adorned in finery. He does not seem to be influenced by such possessions and with this, we should give a little credit to him. He knows his position but doesn't see the need to flaunt it. He knows it would be shallow, and that is not something he can ever be accused of. He just makes sure he is will groomed and has clean shoes. For those who come from a generation whereby the shoes say a lot about a person, they will be able to see this adds to the overall energy we associate with the Emperor.