Steampunk tarot (Moore) - King of Pentacles


Wow, just look at how erect he is holding himself. It is as if he is posing for Hello or OK magazine. (I say that tongue in cheek, but only a little. He has the statutory mantlepiece pose going on :D )

The fire below is roaring away. Aobve the fire we see some books, one of which depicts the symbol for the suit. Some may relate to that as perhaps being a Book of Shadows. I see it as perhaps being his journal. And you just know, each entry will be made with incredible precision. He would not use anything other than the finest fountain pen, and each entry would be carefully made so as to avoid mistakes or grammatical errors.

The gentleman himself is finely dressed including a jacket and waistcoat. He is holding a very elobrately carved pipe in his right hand, the smoke billowing out as he looks at us. His left hand is casually placed in his trouser pocket, but I just can't help but think he doesn't do anything casually - especially if he has an audience. He really is the perfect consort for the Queen of this suit, who I have already described.

Yet I don't pick up a sense of crass opulance. He is doing well for himself, but is not arrogant about it. He knows the value of what he has, and what is valuable in life.