Steampunk tarot (Moore) - King of Wands


Here we have a well to do gentleman in a splendid top hat standing behind what we can assume, is his throne. The seat is well made and padded, the base adorned with a carved cog. He appears be leaning over the back of the throne, looking directly at us. In his right hand he is holding a small cane, and has the end of the cane resting on the seat. Behind him we see curtains of a similar colour the throne but a slightly differing shade.

When I first saw this, I had a feeling he was almost challenging me to sit in the empty seat. Yet the positioning of the cane is subconsciously saying, "This is MY chair, so only sit her if you feel you are worthy, or are able to take control of it from me".

I also felt he is a 'do'er' as opposed to a thinker. He will be too busy to sit still for too long, thus the fact he is not shown as actually sitting on the throne. If he were to be taken to a cinema, and the film is likely to last in excess of three hours, he will find that somewhat frustrating. He would rather be doing something requiring more action and brainpower. The more challenging, the better.