Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Knight of Cups


I was a little surprised to see the Knight of Swords represented by a female, so it wasn't as much as a surprise to see this Knight is also female.

We see a well dressed female standing on a path with two bushes flanking the path. In the distance behind her, we see a lake of sorts. The sky is a little overcast, but the sun seems to be behind her, and is creating a small bright aura around her head area.

Our Knight is wearing a beret, and has a long fringe of hair covering her left eye. She holds out in front of her in her right hand a goblet or chalice. In her left hand we see a rather smart cane. I think what does catch the eye is her knickerbockers (rather splendid) and the large buckle on her shoes. She may not be dressed practically but she certainly catches the eye :)

The follower of fashion may be the pentacle courts, but the cups will probably wear what is close to their heart, regardless of whether it is the fad of the day or not. You get the sense from her dress she has more of an artistic flair than the other Knights. You sense she doesn't have a role as such, but is more of a 'society' member.

I will have to once again, suggest owners of the deck read the accompanying book (written by Barbara) to get to understand how she was seen by the creator of the deck. However, if you choose to use your own attributes you may find they fit just fine. Sometimes I rue how courts are not shown doing anything in line with their suit or rank, but sometimes that can be a blessing in disguise. It means we are not met with restraints, but can be free to interpret in accordance with our own thoughts of how they would represent themselves in a reading.


The fact her hair is covering her left eye could be an indication that she will act without any thought for the consequences in the future. She has yet to learn this lesson, which shows her relatively young age compared to the queen and king.