Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Knight of Pentacles


Here we have quite a barren landscape. We have a hint of plateaus and mountains, with the knight walking through some low growing brush. The sky above is blue with some whispy cloudline high across the horizon.

Our Knight is walking towards the left. He is wearing a military uniform, including a red high collar jacket and white helmet. He is carrying on his back a type of mechanical backpack. It seems to be active in as much as we see some dark smoke or steam coming out of a funnel on the rear of the backpack. He is carrying in his hand what appears to be large canteen, the circular flask adorned by the symbol of his suit. He is looking out towards us as he walks slowly across the scene.

I think what we can definitely pick up from this card is the issue of 'slow and steady'. If any knight was destined NOT to be on a horse, it is this guy and I am glad he is not shown as being cavalry. I also like how Barbara reminds us (through the accompanying book) he knows what is of value. The flask he is carrying may be the difference between life and death, should he find water to be scarce on his journey. He will therefore not be wasteful and will be the kind of guy to definitely plan ahead. He represents the earth suit, and it makes sense. The earth will be providing all that he needs for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, we should not dismiss him or overlook him in favour of one of the more dynamic Knights. He is the one who could provide for us, but would do it without fanfare, or the expectation of anything in return.

I don't think there really is much more I can add at this stage. The backpack is interesting, and may come up as a focal point in a reading. If it does, and I have a 'eureka' moment I will come back with an insight. Unless anyone reading this, already has that insight :)