Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Knight of Swords


If you associate certain suits with certain seasons, this may fit right into how you see the swords.

The aviator is standing out in the snow, some huts in the near distance behind her. (I think I need to mention here, Bargara does depict some of the knights as female). She has chiselled features and a sharp chin.
She is wrapped against the cold, as well as being in preparation for any task ahead of her. She has a swords sheathed, but is ready to draw it in an instant. She looks out of the card right at us, her right hand ready on the handle of the sword. Behind the huts we see some mountains, the clouds hanging low around the nearest mountain to us.

I guess we can glean a little from the presence of the sword, andher stance. It could be defensive, or it could be showing us she is always alert and ready to react to perceived threat. I do wonder though if she is showing us she would use the sword as a first resort instead of a last resort - something I would expect from the knight. They are still young in many ways, and although they have progressed from being the page, they have a long way to go before they mature into one of the rulers of the suit.

Barbara describes the personality really nicely in the book, and I would recommend reading this if you own the deck. I really cannot add anything more. The image itself may not offer much, but if you have attributes you affix to this character, you may find the image supports those ideas.