Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Knight of Wands


Here we see our 3rd female knight. She is standing in front of a wall displayng hieroglyphics. In her hands we see a cane, the shaft of the cane being held very tight in both fists. The only real indication we get of colour as such, is in the form of the red wastecoat. The collar of her white shirt is buttoned up tightly, and is fnished off with a neat neck tie.

One sentence in the book by Barbara did resonate, and gave a nice indication as to her character:
"If this knight comes into your life, don't be fooled by the appearance of confidence. Know that it is actually determination".

This person, once they get the bit between their teeth will be hard to shake off the course they have chosen to undertake. Sometimes a good thing (determination and motivation get us a long way) but I guess it has to be tempered with reason should things start to wobble somewhat.

As I have said with previous knights, I suggest you read Barbara's thoughts regarding this character. Having said that, if you choose to use your own personal character traits or attributes you may well find they fit perfectly well with the image depicted on this card. Personally, I think the red waistcoat speaks a little in its own right. To me, it indicates a real fire in the heart, and you just sense it would take a lot to dampen or even extinguish it.