Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Moon


Definitely a recognisable scene, with a couple of wee twists there.
We have the full moon, the rays / light from it linked to the two pillars which are either side of the card. (Little bit of a throwback to the traditional High Priestess there).
Emerging from the pool at the base of the pillars is a huge crayfish. It is focussed on the path in the distance leading away from the pool towards where a faint 3rd ray of the moon is illuminating the larger expanse of water.
In front of the left pillar is a sitting cat and in front of the right hand side pillar, is a sitting dog.

So, what are my thoughts? Well, some questions but also some observations:


** The crayfish is drawn towards the light. I am in the mind it is its birthplace or true home and it is possibly looking to 'go home'. The moon happens to be showing it the way.

** The waters are still, so there is movement from stagnant/inertia, towards a more flowing emotional state. By following this path, there is the chance to feel at one again with oneself and what is around you.

So, what issues may arise in a reading to ponder:

** Why is there a dog and cat shown instead of traditional wolf and dog? How will their presence affect the resultant interpretation?

** Is the moon illuminating the pillars, or is it the case that the pillars are in effect beaming out a light to the moon, which is then in turn being reflected onto the water in the distance? How would the reading be affected if the former or latter should apply?

I want to finish with one short quote from Barbara's boo for this card:
" As with all things, the realm of the subconscious has its dark side. In tarot, this realm is revealed, in a manner of speaking in the Moon card. Whilst the HP sometimes communicates with dreams, the Moon's language is that of nightmares. The HP lives the veils on mysteries; the Moon sprinkles confusion."

Not a lot of difference to RWS but something to be drawn to which may enrich the usual take of this card.