Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Page of Swords


Here we have another female page. In the background we see the basket of a hot air balloon, the whole device is on grassy land, with the sea being in the far background. The balloon is inflated and redy to go, with the sandbags at the corners of the outside, ready to be ditched. The sky looks clear, but there is more than a hint of cloud over the sea itself. Looks like the safest place for flying will be inland.

She has her swrod sheath on a belt at her waist, the sword out and in her right hand, lowered towards the ground. She has a stance that could be challenging or defensive, depending on initial reactions I guess.
Her hair is black and straight cut, which I would associate with this suit. Sharp dresser for sure.

Out of the pages I have covered so far, this one seems to fit better. She just LOOKS a swords lass. Appearance is what we usually associate with the pentacle suit, but the swords lass will have a sharp eye for detail and what looks good and what doesn't. The pentacles lass may be a bit more garish :) :)

** Look at her stance and expression. Does this show confidence, challenge or something else?

** Being the page, how much is she able to walk to the talk compared to her older family members?

** The balloon is still on the ground - how does this correlate with the grounding of ideas? Can they be too grounded?

** What would the page have to pay attention to if she were to take flight? How well have her preparations been?

** If she were to offer to take you or the other pages with her on the flight, what might you want to ask? What might the other pages ask or have by way of concerns?

I like this one. I just get the sense of wanting to have the adventure, having prepared mentally and studied all possible variables. Yet not really having a first clue of how to really put that into practise which to me sums up the page of this suit. You got to love 'em though - best actions need ideas to start with. And ideas from someone who is going to be like a sponge in soaking up all that potential for learning.