Steampunk tarot (Moore) Page of Wands


Again, I have to say I am not fully enamoured with how the court is portrayed. Take away the suit name on the card and youwould scratch your head as to who it is. You would guess a court, but beyond that, I am not so sure.

Anyways, we have a young adult (definitely not childlike) standing inf ront of what could be a park bench. Bushes are behind the bench, and a potted bush is to the right of the bench as we look at it. This page is standing in front of the bench. They have a cane in their right hand which is being held quite firmly and prominantly - as if to convince us of their importance or confidence. They have what looks like a miners brass light strapped to their head.
Strapped to their left arm looks a brass type weapon of sourts. Hard to tell what it is, but we see a hint of some tubing. (Why I had an image of something from Dr Who I have no idea).
They are looking at us out of one eye, head bowed, with their whole body turned slightly to one side. I guess they are saying something like "I am not afraid of you". If that is the case, why arm yourself? Reminds me a little of misguided teenagers who go out in gangs. All arrogant and confident, yet they all carry a weapon of sorts. Of course, it is only their in case they need it to defend themselves. (If I knew how to do rolling eye icons, one would be added here)

So, going on with my usual method of points for thought when reading the card:

** What is that weapon and did they make it? If so, what for?

** Is the head bowed in a way to challenge us, or is it a cover for low confidence? (Note: long hair that can fall over the eyes is often a give away of the latter being appropriate).

** Where do her talents lie? What are the indications of that?

** What had she been doing prior to us turning up and making our presence felt? Does this explain her stance to us as we observe her?

May prove interesting, but I have to say at this stage - I think Barbara has fallen into the trap with courts that many creators have fallen into. That of not really showing them at their fullest so the reader can instantly link and build a rapport with them.