Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Queen of Cups


Here we have a female standing in front of a circular/porthole shaped window. She is wearing dark brown clothing in the form of a long skirt, and tightly belted jacket. She is also weariang a helmet of sorts and has goggles perched on the helmet. On her back we see a pack (jetpack?) of sorts.

She is looking out at us through the card, with her left hand raised aloft. In the left hand, we see she has a firm hold of a chalice. She also holds a chalice in her left hand, but this is held loosely at her side, the red liquid flowing out onto the floor. I think I would see this as showing her having a strong and confident hold on her conscious state, but her subconscious or emotional state is vulnerable.

This card does puzzle me a little. I would associate the cups queen as being the one who would be dressed in less restrictive and more creative clothing. If you swapped the attire she is wearing with the attire of the queen of swords, it would make more sense to me. She looks too rigid and uptight to really lead me to think of flowing emotions etc.

If anyone else has any thoughts on this, I am willing to hear them. I really do not see her as a cups lady at all, and that could be problematic in a reading. I may well find myself falling back on the bog standard key phrases I have become accustomed to over the years.


I'm a fan of this Queen of Cups. I agree it's not the traditional lovely sweet free-flowing welcoming creative QoC, but a more world-weary, battle-scarred QoC.

But I like it. Emotional work is HARD work, and the deep emotional realms of the psyche are (to me, at least) much more dangerous and terrifying than my thoughts, my ambitions or my actions. Or rather, if there are dangerous aspects about any of these things, in my experience that's because the emotional component is running wild and unchecked.

Being a QoC isn't easy! It makes sense to me that someone who's been to all the depths and has emerged alive if not victorious gets better at preparing herself and others for the same trials.

The restrictive clothing actually works for me as a metaphor. Water is formless, and if you don't contain it somehow, it gets everywhere - even where you don't want it. That's the destructive side of water. Thoughts and ideas are much more linear, so while the QoS might get away with wrapping herself in a piece of gauze, the QoC is wise and experienced enough to give herself the gift of structure.

(I also like how in the Steampunk Cups Court, the 'older' cards get more restrained. The Page is tossed to and fro by the torrents of emotions, the Knight has learned to surf on the waves, the Queen has mastered selecting and using the protective gear for diving into the lightless depths, and the King has made the structure and protective gear part of himself so that he can 'effortlessly' use and direct water to irrigate his kingdom.)


thanks for your reply on this!

I have read it a couple of times, and it does make sense. It will give me a different take on her, and also a lot more respect for what she has been through.

I love the metaphor!! Now THAT I can instantly understand and you have given me something extra to consider should it prove relevant in a reading.

Not sure I see the changes in the same way as they progress from Page - King. I do see how the length of the knickerbockers comes into play. (I remember as a very young schoolgirl having skirts over our knees. Then as we reached our teen, and somewhat rebelious years, we wanted them above our knees :D This is hinted at with our cup Page and Knight).

I really appreciate the fact you did reply. It is the first reply on this forum, and has addressed my initial concerns a little.