Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Queen of Swords


Here we have a dark haieed queen sitting on her throne. Nothing new there :)

She is sitting foreward slightly, facing to the right. She has her left hand extended, and we see a male outside of the card, holding the left hand. Has he offered it for him to show his respect? (Bit like how the Pope has his ring kissed?)
In her right hand we see she is holding a sword. She has a tight grip on the hilt, but is holding the sword losely by her side.
Her crown is made of cogs and other metalwork.
Her dress is showing her buxomness to full effect. Her shoulders and upper arms/back are bare. This lady may cause a few raised eyebrows due to this, but hey - being the sword queen, this is unlikely to bother her.

Her stare is straight and true. I have a feeling, whoever stands in front of her would be the first to lower their gaze. She just oozes confidence.

Other than this, I cannot really add anything. It is one of those court cards that does hint at the personality of the character portrayed, but does not really go further than that.


The Queen looks like she's being taken out to dance, but she has her grip securely on her sword. It isn't raised for attack but I'm sure with a graceful flick of her wrist she can have that thing pointed at your gullet the moment you cross a line.

The color of her dress reminds me of the sky on a clear, chilly day. Maybe that's her state of mind: Clear, crisp and a little bit cold. She doesn't look overjoyed but her look isn't exactly unfriendly, it's actually as if a bit of curiosity is slipping past her guarded face. When I look at her I think, "Trust isn't given, it's earned."


I love this card -- it's my favorite image in the deck. Compared to RW, she's beautiful, feminine, and doesn't give off the b*tch vibe. She is desired, as shown by the man who is taking her hand, vs. the RW, where she's characterized as alone, widowed, bitter. Yet, the look on her face in the Steampunk deck, plus her hand on her sword, shows her tough side too. I think it's brilliant.

Ms. Jocelyn

Youthful Queens

I bought this deck about 4 months ago and have just recently began using it. Any thoughts on why the Queens of the deck look more youthful than the Kings? I just find it interesting as the Queens represent maturity and mastery of their suit.


I wonder what the hand being offered to her means.

My first impression was that this was an offer. That perhaps this queen is not going to end up single and widowed like she is in RWS.