Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Three of Cups


Here we have a scene recognisable as being RWS based. Yet being steampunk, the setting is quite dark. Not sure I enjoy this aspect if it has a muting effect on the energy. :(

Here we have three people in a sitting room or public lounge area of a bar. The two flanking females are each holding a chalice of sorts. The left seated female is very demurely dressed. Her collar is buttoned quite high so there is no intent on her part to be a floozy, or bare any flesh. I can see her as being the sort of person who would make a glass of wine last an hour or

The other female is a little underdressed by comparison. It could be she is out to have a good time n more ways than one, or she is prhaps comfortable in her own skin. She certainly seems to have the figure to carry off such scanty attire. She too has a glass of something in her hand. Both characters are turned slightly towards the character seated between them.

This central character is a young gentleman. He has gone one step further and has foresaken a glass and is holding a bottle instead. Is he trying to ply the two females with drink? If so, we can guess what his motives may be. Or is he the life and soul, and central character to the party? If so it may just show he is intending to get merrily drunk with no other thoughts on his mind. Interestingly he is focussed on the demurely dressed female. Is he seeing her as a bit of a challenge? Or is he trying to just get her to relax a little and join in more?
Yet when you read the book, you see Barbara has portrayed a female in this position. Yet the chosen dress of three-quarter trousers, shirt and waistcoat really does make me feel it is male. I guess if you see it as one or the other, it will change the dynamic of the whole situation, and perhaps even a subsequent interpretation.

Interesting scene. On the table we see a book of sorts and an orb on a holder. Not sure what their presence may signify at this stage. Barbara states the pictures on the wall behind them signify their past achievements. Not sure at the moment how that would be relevant to a reading. Maybe it could show future opportunities could be lost should the choice be to party excessively.

Wghart does strike me about the scene is the fact none of them seem to be that happy. No smiles on any of the faces. I really am not sure about this card. If I do get further thoughts or a change of vibe in the future, I will repost here with an update.