Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Three of Pentacles


Here we have three people involved in the placement of the metalcast pentagrams over an archway. The final/central pentagram is the largest and will take pride of place, being the most prominant one amongst the collection.
The person undertaking the placement is perhaps the maker of the designs. She is wearing clothing I would associate with a craftsman/woman from this time period. We can see she has pride in her work. It will only be left in situ when she is happy it is perfect. It may take time, and may include a few minute adjustments along the way, but she will not stop until she is satisfied.

The gentleman to the left of the card may have been the architect. We see him studying the blueprint he is holding in both hands. Interstingly he is not watching what she is doing. It may indicate he is more interested in the fine detail than the finished product. Therefore his role, although key and intergral to the overall image, may be seen very differently to the role of the other two characters. I mention this for a reason. If you read a card holistically, you will find enough here to feel more than comfortable with. If however, you occasionally like to read the image from the viewpoint of ONE particular individual, by reading it from his perspective you may find you have a very different interpretation.

The final character is possibly a seer or tarot reader. She is holding up three cards and is looking at the craftswoman as she does so. She may be showing a different approach to the creation. Her approach may be more borne from instinct and intuition. She may see things on a more aesthetic level than the other two. Either way, the three combined have led to a very find looking archway.


I could also see this as being a case where too many cooks spoil the broth (Reversed take??). One may try to over ride the other, in which case it could either look a mess, or may never reach completion.

Just a thought really :) :)