Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Three of Swords


This is a scene that will perhaps have us struggling to see the emotion or heartache. The heart in this scene is very mechanical. It is made of cogs and a dial of sorts. The mechanism has been halted by the fact three swords have been run through in different places, rendering the cogs immobile. Representing a stopped heartbeat?

It looks like a bolt and couple of cogs have broken free and are on the floor in front of the metal heart.

On one hand I was disappointed this was quite a plain and symbolic depiction. It didn't really leap out at me and elicit any imagery or interpretation.
Yet on the other hand, this is a good thing. It means I have a blank canvas to work from in a way, and the surrounding cards or context of the reading will dicate the energy and direction I take.


The fence in this card stuck out to me, implying an obstacle.

For some reason the heart looks like a shield that failed miserably. It's in pieces. It's face is completely missing and all you can see now is the inside. As for the broken cogs... Sometimes it feels like pieces of you have been torn out in heart break. It's not for the worst, once you heal and you see through a new perspective ,those pieces may not fit anymore (yes, some may be too damaged to be put back at all.)

In fact you may not want or need them anymore for something stronger or different has been built. There's a cheesy quote that says:

A heart is a muscle, and what do muscles do when they are torn? They grow back even stronger.

The skies are stormy. It hasn't rained yet, but it is sure to pour. Yet the sun always comes out. Sometimes you can even see a rainbow.

If you want to get over than fence, you need to take the swords out of that shield and gather all the pieces. Build something new using what you learned from the experience, something stronger that can take on what comes next.