Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Three of Wands


We have a gentleman standing on the waters edge. He is wearing a long coat, possibly indicating the fact it is cold. (The scene is set at night). He has three long staffs with a brightly lit lantern atop each staff.
He is also looking out to the three boats we see in the water, some distance away. In one hand, we also see what appears to be a telescope, but one which has an extra attachment (Directional sighter?) on top of the extension part of the telescope.

I am typing this before reading the accompanying book. My first thought was of ships coming in, opportunities presenting themselves. But I also saw him as perhaps being a one man lighthouse. In this respect, he may be showing them a safe path of approach or letting them know he is ready and waiting.
With this in mind, he is being proactive in creating opportunities. He is not just waiting in hope his ship will come in... he will do all he can to make sure it comes in :)

Having now read the accompanying text, Barbara draws our attention to the shape the staffs make. They are crossed, in a distinct X. She mentions this as perhaps indicating X marks the spot.