Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Two of Cups


Here we have a male and female in a laboratory situation. Rather unusual setting for this card but it is so nice to see something different :)

The male has his sleeves rolled up, the female is wearing elbow length gloves. I think out of the two, she is the one who is aware that the chemicals they are working with are powerful and dangerous, and is being careful against splashing. Having said that, the gloves are not ideal, but hey - since when do I know what is correct clothing when carrying out DIY :D

I think they are combining two elements and the rising trail is merging to form the Yin/Yang symbol. His mixture is gold coloured, hers is blue. And they blend perfectly.

What I like about this card is the way they are both subtly looking into each others eyes instead of at what they are doing. His look is slightly bolder than hers. She is looking suitably demure.
The attraction is there, and they both know (without the need to say anything) that the union has the potential to be a good one. They could be a perfect balance for each other, just as the chemicals they blend are balanced.
You really do sense there is something magic and unexplainable in the air. And it reminds me of how I feel about my partner of 11 years. We are often asked what our secret is, and why we 'work so well'. I cannot explain it. We bring something different to the relationship, mix it together and it creates something pretty amazing.