Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Two of Pentacles


Ahh, the second '2' to show someone doing somethat on water, that at first glance would appear impossible :)

Here we have a female on a penny-farthing bicycle. Hard enough to ride at the best of times, I am guessing. Well, she is actually making life even harder by riding it on water. Now I have had a bad accident cycling where the wrong tyres for the conditions came into play. I cannot help but think she is in the same precarious position. Those are definitely NOT wet weather tyres!

It looks like the wind is also against her. She has her coat billowing behind her. The wheels are not joined by a chain. It has been replaced by a light purple coloured lemniscate, and is the only real sense of colour in this otherwise dark card.
Barbara explains its presence as "the relationship between available resources (such as time and energy) and perceived need".

Is the need real, or only your perception? A subtle difference there, but it could be key in moving forward.

I actually like this card. I can totally relate to how much balance is needed, due to so many variables being at play. She is riding towards the right (which I see as the future) so she is going in the right direction. I would ask though, is she trying to do too much taking into account the elements, and what she has as a resource.