Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Two of swords


Very funky image. If there was a card that may not be overtly steampunk in this deck, this is it.

We hafe a full moon riding high in the sky, casing some light to the scene below.
There is a large river or small stream. A female is sort of hovering over the centre of the water, her feet pointed as if she were a ballet dancer. Light purple whisps of something are curlng up from the water and meeting her feet, which are hovering a few inches above the surface.

She is wearing a very short full skirted dress, the puff sleeves off thes houlder. Her arms are semi extended from her sides, and in each hand we see she is holding aloft a sword. Her eyes are blindfolded.

Boy, it must take a lot of practise and concentration to maintain this hold for any length of time. I just feel if she lost that focus for even a fraction of a second, her poise and positioning would falter and the spell would in effect be broken.

I like how Barbara shows she is betwixt and between. She has the moon above her, and the water below her. A symbolic reminder of how we may at times find ourselves in a similar situation, and we use shedloads of energy to either fight that, or to maintain a sense of status quo.

The female on this card seems (at the moment anyways) to be happy with that situation, but you do sense should she falter she will not be happy at getting wet. So, is she going to waste a lot of time doing nothing, or will she carefully move herself to shoreline, where she can then relax her focus and not have severe repercussions?

The blindfold is there, and I won't go into detail as each of us would have a different take as to its relevance.


I get the feeling that she is not completely aware as to what's all going on in her environment. The only thing she has to depend on is her intuition because not all is what it seems, and some things are still hidden from her. It is only after she knows exactly what she is confronting that she will know which way she needs to go.

I was doing a reading tonight, and that's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the card... That she is not completely aware of the entire situation at this time. Some things are still hidden from her.