Steampunk tarot (Moore) - Two of Wands


We have a balcony scene, with the inhabitant of the balcony facing out and slightly across to the left. In the background we see snw covered mountains. Flanking the sides of the balcony are two lit pillars, but the light is in the form of a glow or orb. The caped male is holding an orb or device of some sort between his hands, but it is not glowing like the two pillars. In fact it is dull.

Having had a closer look at his attire (the large b/w image in the book does help with some details) it could be military wear. He has a holster on his belt, but we do not see any sidearm. His gaze is turned downards, but instead of being meditative, I feel it shows more by way of apathy.

I think one sentence from the accompanying book does describe the scene's energy rather well:
"The number two suggests either decision or union; neither of these actions are being taken here".

So, our male has options, and can see far and wide. His viewpoint is not restricted. Yet he still seems inactive. Has he been inactive for so long, the orb in his hands had at one time glowed, but has now died? If so, he may well pay heed to what is happening to the illuminated pillars. It could be a case of one down, and he only has two to go...

Interesting card. It certainly could warn against missing opportunities, or stifled actions. I also think we need to remind ourselves if we are presented with too many choices or opportunities, it is then we allow our brains to become addled. Present a child with a choice of two different lollies/sweets, it can choose. Place a dozen in front and order only one to be taken, they freeze for a while through indecision.