Steampunk tarot (Moore) - V The Hierophant


Here we see a bearded and portly gentleman sitting in the outside on a high backed chair. He and the children in front of him, are all sitting under a large tree. Piled to one side and slightly behind him is a huge pile of books. I have no idea how he did it, but that pile in my house would not be looking as neat :)

In his right hand we see an apple. I did like Barbara's reference to the apple. She reminded us how children would often give an apple to their teacher. More interestingly was the fact, if cut in a certain direction we see the 5 pip cases in the shape of a pentacle. The symbol of the 4 elements in conjunction with spirit.

The young boy is sitting on the floor to the left of the card. He has his legs pulled up and crossed and is listening intently to what the gentleman is saying.
The young girl is sitting slightly more formally and appars to be taking notes.
Between the two children we see the crossed keys often depicted on this image. The keys of the Hierophant card symbolize the keys to spiritual knowledge, and wisdom - or the unlocking of such knowledge and wisdom.

Each child has access to a key, and may choose to use it at different times or in different ways. The young lad may be the one who keeps the knowledge in his head and may gain awareness through dream state, meditation etc. The young girl may choose a more formal method including academic study. Either way, there is no right or wrong approach. The Hierophant will answer questions, give insights - and then leave it to the two youngsters to do with as they wish. He has the books at his disposal should he need them, but you get the feeling he rarely has to make use of them. His teachings often come from his life experiences. His age indicates he may have had many of them, and as such is an appropriate person to be a spiritual teacher of sorts.

He sort of reminds me of a kindly and approachable grandad I had. He had a large beard like this, and was a real eccentric. He had a magical way with me as a young child. And he loved showing me things he had dug in his garden. He had the largest collection of stones with natural holes in I have ever seen!! - all from his garden.