Steampunk tarot (Moore) - VIII Strength


Whereas previous cards have shown something just a little different, or having something over and above traditional depictions, this one at first glance doesn't seem to. Yet, when we look closer at the lion we see there is something that can give us a fresh angle to focus on.

We are in a wooded area, with a young female holding the left front paw of an adult male lion. She is down on one knee, and the lion is lying down, only its head raised as it looks at her. In her left hand we see a blood stained cog. She has just removed the cog from the paw of the lion, and we see it has a small bloody wound left behind.

So instead of wrestling with a lion we see them at ease with each other. So when looking at this card I would do what I usually do - I would dowse to see if I read this from the viewpoint of the lion, or from the viewpoint of the woman. Trust me, this really does change the dynamic and is much more relevant to the querant.

The lion is submissive. I work at a wildlife park and know full well how the adult male lions are top of the tree. They get first dibs at feed time (albeit they probably wouldn't have done much of the hunting in the wild) so in real terms this woman is taking a huge risk. Yet he is submissive. He has passed the issue of power to another. He knows he could not have removed the cog himself and has therefore acknowledged his limitations. Probably for the first time, and it will be quite humbling.

Yet she is not seeing that as a triumph. She doesn't have attitude or ego, and is not crowing at the fact she is number 1 in this situation. She still has a healthy respect for the lion and knows where the true physical power lies, but she may have the strength when it comes to healing power, inner power, calming power etc.

And of course we have the symbol of infinity above both characters, shining in a nice shade of purple. The colour I associate with the crown chakra. They are united and joined on a spiritual level. The moment may be brief but together, there combined energies really do indicate strength on every level.

Nice card.


Just another viewpoint which hit me as I hit the send button.

If this were reversed, I could easily see this as showing the woman as being the cause of the lion's injury and pain. In other words, someone who is vindictive and has a cruel streak. The school bully type situation. I am sure other interpretations will come to mind, but I thought I would mention it. It isn't often I even consider using reversals, but this did jump out at me. Lions have claws and teeth at their disposal. In this situation she is disarming one of the aspects he relies on in order to hunt and catch prey.