Steampunk tarot (Moore) - X Wheel of Fortune


Here we have cogs within a cog.

Okay, a bit more than that then.... :D

The scene is set inthe sky, but it is rather whispy and shimmery. The outer cog is adorned with vine growth, so the greenery we see adds some much needed color to the image. Aound the outside of this large cog we see symbols of the zodiac. A reminder that if fate decides to play its hand, it is something we will not have control of? I like how Barbara reminds us it is not personal, as may be the case with the Tower.

The inner cogs are adorned with symbols. We see the symbols on one of earth, air fire and water. On another we see a pentacle. On the top most cog we see the symbols of the planets, sun etc.

What is missing is how the wheel will affect you. We do not have any character standing or sitting proud at the top. Nor do we have someone about to fall off, or have anyone holding on for dear life as the wheel moves the character upwards. It will be down to us as readers to indicate this aspect. And to remember the wheel can turn for the better or worse. Enjoy the rid if for the better, but buckle up and be prepared if it is for the worst.