Steampunk tarot (Moore) - XI Justice


Here we have a set of scales, but instead of being suspended by a sword or other suspending device, they are more ground level. That was the first thing that struck me about the card. In fact the overall vibe is that of being grounded. In left hand pan as we look at it, we see gemstones/crystals, (representing actions) and in the right hand pan there is a feather (representing purity of the soul). With these two pans containing what they contain, the scales are balanced. Our actions and intentions are in balance :)

Yet we are led to believe that balance may about to change. A well dressed female is standing in front of a very dark red curtain, a stone white pillar either side of her. She wears a red bodiced dress, and has her black hair pinned back by a band of sorts. From her left hand we see she has let some tarot cards fall. They look as if they are about to land in the pan containing the feathers. I have tried to see if I could tell what the card images were, but even looking at the enlarged b/w image in the accompanying book, it was hard to tell. (Most likely 8 of Swords and Queen of Wands).

I guess this does definitely tell us, through what we do next will bring about change. There are consequences for actions. If we act with good intent, we can maintain a karmic balance. If not, disharmony is likely to follow.

I think this card is also important for us as tarot readers. I see the cards present within the card as reminding us what we do comes with responsibility. If we conduct ourselves at all times with honesty and integrity we will be fine. If not, we have to be prepared for consequences. There will be no 'yeah but' that will convince this lady otherwise :)

I also like how on this card she is not blindfolded. This does allow us to follow a different train of thought. She sees clearly. Therefore she cannot be accused of following a hunch, or acting on blind faith. She goes by what is presented in front of her. Therefore, no arguement that she may get it wrong eh :)