Steampunk tarot (Moore) - XIV Temperance


Here we see a very 'steampunkly dressed female :) However, we do have reminders that she represents Temperance in the form of the wings behind her - in this deck they wings are coloured a deep, almost blood red.
And, as with the tradtional RWS depiction, she has one foot in water and one foot on land. Both feet are bare.
Her palms are facing upwards, and floating above the palms are two cogs. The cogs seem to be linked by something white and transparent.
Above her head, around the crown chakra area we see small white orb.
Her eyes could be interpreted as being out of focus or very focussed - it is hard to tell which, and as such I could see either situation applying nicely to the card or message.

I now see the placement of the feet as being important - something I never used to. I now realise it shows we have a foot in two different realms, or shows we are both grounded yet at the same time emotionally very aware. The water is calm and serence which backs up the message of temperance. All we see is small ripple which she has caused. For me a reminder, what we do, however small, will have an affect. The feet just had to be bare, otherwise she would not be truly in touch with all her being, and all that is around her.

The two discs/cogs are beautifully balanced. Yes we see something similar on a regular basis in other decks when looking at the 2 of coins but this has a very different vibe. The focus needed to maintain them in the air is unimaginable. Yet she is making it appear effortless. Everything about her is finely tuned and balanced. If her mindset was not clear and focussed she would 'drop' the balls. Yet we have the orb showing she is open spiritually to the forces around her, and has channelled them beautifully.

Nice image :)