Steampunk tarot (Moore) - XIX The Sun


No surprise to know the predominant symbol on tihis card is the sun. Yet it is not drawn as a real sun (i.e. a plain glowing orb), but has 16 protrusions off it. This makes me think of either the 4 seasons, 4 compass points, other compass directions etc. (4 of the protrusions are more angular and dominant at the points of North, South, East & West).

Below the sun, which is in a blue sky we have a scene made up of:
A youthful boy and girl dancing or playing. They are holding hands and look as though they are either dancing or playing ring 'o' roses. Or something like that anyway :) He looks more of a ragamuffin due to his dress, slight scruffiness and hat. She looks a little better groomed and better dressed.
This is the second card I have described where we have a wee white West Highland terrier. (My favourite dog breed). The dog seems to be alert and either watching the scene, or is happily barking and playing along. We do have some metalwork to remind us of the steampunk theme, but that is very subtle in comparison to everything else we see on the card, not least the presence of open bloomed sunflowers. They seem to be facing inwards towards the dancers instead of facing and following the sun.

I love how we have two youngsters who could be from differing backgrounds. It shows that youngsters only know how to play, and don't necessarily see or acknowledge differences. True naivety which is something I find refreshing, and definitely a "sun card" character trait. If you want to know what I mean, just think of the scenes from Disney's Lady & The Tramp. :)

The dog is of a breed that is known for its friendliness, and also for being good around children. Again, fitting it appears in this card.

The sunflowers say a lot just by the fact they follow the sun. If this is the aspect I would focus on, I may be led to say something along the lines of " Just enjoy every minute of an opportunity to have fun - those times may be shortlived so don't waste time on not having fun!"
Or... "If you feel a pull to do something that takes you away from the mundane, seriously give it consideration. All work and no play, can lead over time to us forgetting how to play".

There is not a lot more I can really say at ths stage. It does seem quite traditional, but having characters from different backgrounds may give a different slant. I am wondering who was the instigator out of these two. Has he broken down her barrier so she is able to forget about societies expectations to be a young lady and conduct herself with a certain amount of decorum befitting a young lady?
Or has she been the instigator?
Either way, the angle of the sunflowers seems to add to the energy. We have the energy of the sun, being backed up and emphasised by the sunflowers. Seriously, there is no subtle message here - all is very clear :D