Sticky cards...


I recently bought the Inner Child Cards, but I find it almost impossible to shuffle them cuz the cards keep sticking together cuz they're so glossy... I'm not sure what to do to get rid of the gloss, as I don't want to do anythig that might ruin the pictures at all...

Anyone got any advice here?




I had the same problem with the Inner Child cards! I tried several things that didn?t work. Finally, I took some ash from sandlewood incense and sprinkled it on each card. At first I thought I had ruined all the cards! I shuffled them a few times with the ash on them. Then, I wiped them off with a slightly damp cloth. It was a messy job but they don?t stick to each other any more. If I look real close, I can see very tiny scratches on the backs of the cards but otherwise they look fine. I think the ash roughed up the surface just enough to keep them from sticking.


Thanks, Raenne!

I'll try that later on...



Hi Kiama,

Perhaps you could try a little bit of talc on your hands before you shuffle you cards - But you might find the more wear and shuffling they get, the easier they'll be to shuffle :)