Storing the faeries


learning to sew

I think I may have to learn to sew a simple drawstring bag...or get someone to do it for me...I saw some bags online but was afraid the "peanut gallery" wouldn't like them when they saw them! Yesterday I was in Wal-Mart and "we" picked out a furry-ish brown fabric (not my bag at all--hey, fabric pun) and a peacock feather. They wanted gold glitter to sprinkle on the inside but I put my foot down on that one, picturing myself picking gold glitter off of myself for months to come. They also want a soft green lining and some felt leaves on the outside. What have I gotten myself into? There's a YouTube channel called seweasyplease if anyone else is in the same boat--they have lined drawstring bag tutorial.

l should explain, I live in a small town with limited offerings...there are no drawstring bags here except some made of cheap fabric in Wal-Mart.


Just bought a knit bag

I have two decks that are alittle picking on what they are stored in. I came across a knit bag that I would not even look at but I ended up buying it now which one of the decks that want it I have to wait to see. I have the Tarot of the Sidhe and Faeries Oracle so if they both want the bag I will be buy another one! LOL


After an extended period of time of living in the same crocheted bag together, the Faeries Oracle kicked my Heart of Faerie Oracle out. Now the FO wants a new bag, and the HoF sits forlornly outside the bag but still in the same pocket organizer as the FO.

I have no idea what kind of bag the FO wants, but they didn't want the other deck in that bag anymore, and are insisting that I hand sew them a new, sparkly, decadent bag to live in. Complete with lots of decorations and bling.

*sigh* I knew things were too quiet to be a good thing... o_O


Mine went right to a bag that was lovingly made for me by a dear friend, its royal purple velvet lined with gold lame, and with beads sewn to the front. Its a little big, but they never "shuffle" around, just stay nestled happily