Story of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Poor Wandering One

Does anyone know if the Frank Jenson book THE STORY OF THE WAITE-SMITH TAROT is available anywhere? I've been hunting everywhere and have consistently come up empty. The "Where to Buy" link on the Aeclectic review is now dead. I checked, Google Books, Amazon, eBay--all nothing; not even a used copy for sale. Print copy, electronic copy--I'd love to find either. Even local libraries don't have it. Thank you to anyone who can help me in my search.


You could try contacting jmd through his website He edited the book and sold it on his old site. I don't see it advertised at the new site so it's probably sold out or he doesn't handle it anymore. He might be able to tell you if there's a reprint in the works.

If you sign up for a subscription here at Aeclectic you'll be able to buy and sell with other members. Someone might have a used one to sell or trade.


Not that I would encourage it, but I can't even find a bootleg pdf of the book. Very strange.


Frank Jensen is working on a new version of the book. But it is not sure if it will be published.

As for this version, it was sold indeed by jdm. I did manage to buy 2 copies from him last year, but I think he doesn't have many anymore.

Poor Wandering One

I contacted JMD and was able to get a copy of the book from him. Thanks to all who suggested I reach out to him.