STRANGEST conditions you ever read under...


Like in the rain, a rowdy party, the gym, a bus terminal.

I wish I could say I read somewhere really different. I once read palms at an office party at one of the owner's fancy houses (of a company I WORKED for). But that isn't about tarot, so doesn't count.

So, anyone read tarot somewhere...very out of the ordinary?


Floor of a punk club inbetween sets. Very recently, too!

But outside of that, it's mostly just the usual parks and coffee shops for me.


OK Lantana....

THAT sounds very cool. I am going to live vicariously through all the readers here who have read in really interesting, fun and/or strange places :)


I took a friend into the hospital once for a check-up and she asked for me for a card reading. So, I did a reading on my lap for her as we sat in the waiting area for her to be called.

I've also read in my lap in a car for someone--(I was not driving). I've read for people on a cruise ship when I was playing with my cards - using our drinks to hold the cards down as we were in the pool area and it was somewhat windy. I also read in the bar for the waitress serving us on the cruise ship. right now, this is all I can recall. I guess the cruise ship isn't really all that unusual though.


I've done readings in noisy, greasy hamburger joints thronged with idiots.

I once paid for a replacement car radiator by throwing a few cards on the bonnet of my car for the mechanic, still in his dusty, oily workshop. He *was* going to give me a discount - he was so impressed afterwards, he gave it to me for free, parts and labour! Score!

It depends what you consider "strange" I'm not sure I can imagine conditions that would seem strange to me. Both of the above felt perfectly normal at the time.


Strange, Nisaba, as in

likely a place not most readers probably have read in. Yours definitely qualified! And score is right. Nice job.


I gave a reading for my neuropsychiatrist during an appointment.


Hmmm. Well, I've done readings at parties a few times. My friend throws parties (which always feature good quantities of his home-brewed beer) a couple of times a year. So, Beltane, Halloween, Oktoberfest ... and my favorite "I-felt-like-having-a-party". They're not huge parties, but I always have a Tarot deck with me and end up doing quite a few readings.

Actually, I suppose that one of the places where I do a lot of my readings is kind of odd. I dispatch at a small police department and work a lot of nights and end up doing a lot of self-readings, readings for coworkers and friends of coworkers. So, I guess a police dispatch center would be an odd place for Tarot readings ...


The police department and the mechanic story are the most unusual so far :)
I did a reading yesterday in a parfumery. The owner is a friend of mine and she was very interested in a reading. It basically all happened in front of the customers.


nisaba, :thumbsup: :laugh: that is GREAT!

I gave a reading for my neuropsychiatrist during an appointment.
This is too! :D How did your neuropsychiatrist like his/her reading?

lantana, the floor of a punk rock set up is definitely strange too! :D

Trogon, I do remember you mentioning you did readings at work. I recall your manager/boss(?) a woman there, is also interested in learning tarot. I admit, in a work place like yours, it is strange! :D

Okay, GD, how about you? Where is the strangest place YOU ever read tarot? Cool thread btw. :)