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I don't want to offend anybody, but sometimes when I come to the sadly dormant Fey Study group and look up the exercises and conversations etc. with the cards, it seems we've structured ourselves to death. Other rather vibrant study groups have a more free wheeling style. Any ideas on how to revive our Fey Studies? I appreciate the deck and the insights of others, but i frankly don't have the time to do all the structured exercises with all their steps, etc. What do others think? Peace and blessings..................Michael



Simplicity has its merits. I have avoided the structured exercises also, partly because my summer-vacation location had sporadic and slow dial-up service (and who wants to be on-line while at the seashore for the summer?) and partly because it seemed a little confusing and un-Fey like. Sorry, Luna. Luna knows I will support any of her efforts. I'll think about this and offer a couple of ideas. I'm also up for offering another prize such as was done last fall with our writing contest. I have a new Fey figure (deep relief wood carving) mounted and painted on a book-box. Also a lot of other goodies that Luna knows about (all planned for my soon-to-be-launched website).

I'll get back to this. Dave


Have no worries people. The Fey can be so simply deep coming from all directions. The history of the Fey study group has many faces. We started in the beginning just going over a card with our thoughts....simple enough....then it drifted away. Then we stepped it up a bit....we got to 3 *sigh*....I think that the extream activity of the fey have a problem sitting still for such things (maybe it just me;).
They liked the interviews I think.
And telling a story too...
I have always encouraged others to lead a study of thier own.
what do you have in mind tarobones?


not sure

Hi Lunalafey, I'm not sure. I just found myself intimidated a bit by the latest studies. That's *my* fault, not yours. I like the free wheeling discussions. I enjoyed very much the interviews. I'm not sure how to proceed, but I want to commit to making the Fey Study group active again. Peace and blessings............Michael


When I first got my Fey deck a couple of months ago, I came in here to try and get a grasp of it and I must admit, I was also quite intimidated and a tad overwhelmed...:(
Do you think starting a circle reading like with the Faeries Oracle might work? Members are teamed up for the week, do a reading for each-other and then come back into the discussion thread to discuss what they came up with when certain cards came up? (I must stress that the discussion part would be essential here though.....I know that in COS that was the original idea but it's just not happening anymore.....however, with using one particular deck as with the Fey Tarot, maybe this would actually work and there would be more dialogue in the discussion thread.)

That or....

Just taking card by card, in their individual threads and discussing them as other Study groups do.....more of a free flow than a structured one...
I think Luna's concept was great but I feel it's more for the advanced reader with this deck. (Those that have already connected well with the Fey and have a solid footing.) For those of us that are just's too advanced and this stubborn and determined Capricorn over here ended up doing something totally out of nature.....I gave up and packed up the deck.

I'd really like to see something started though. It's a lovely deck and I really wish I could connect with it.


How about going back to discussing individual cards? I think there are quite a few that haven't been discussed yet.


Sulis xx


Structured and unstructured should go togheter.
Why make a choice?

A study group may only work if there are two conditions:
- people find something
- people give something

There may be a more challenging, or more structured topics...
And there may be lighter... easier... more freeflowing topics...
Each kind will give energy and stimolation to the other (imho).

But the basics I think should be the cards.
That is the basic upon which all the rest may be built.



Thank you Riccardo. I agree with you that we don't have to choose. They are both beneficial. I can already feel the Fey arise! BB, Michael


I'm proposing a sort of method to get at the cards in three threads (I choose three cards... one major, one court, one numeral). I hope it works...

But if not, please say it ^_^



WhiteRaven said:
Do you think starting a circle reading like with the Faeries Oracle might work?

Maybe something simular, yes.
Perhaps we can have one member ask a question & pull three cards. The rest of us can do a reading.
The essence of the studies I started where aimed at tapping into one's intuitve side through the Fey, and that can be a bit much for some. I tried to keep things simple, but so much would jump out at me.
There must be some way to focus on the psychic side to the Fey with some simplicity.
{luna does the thinking man pose and reviews past studies}

...anyone have any ideas or interest in a Fey exchange study?