Study Exercises - Intuition - Any Interest?

September Pixie

We havent had any study group exercises in awhile.. anyone still interested in doing them?? I'd be interested in something that deals with emotions and/or intuition.. much like this..

But perhaps we could do something on an individual basis.. I want to reconnect with my deck.. anyone else willing?


I want to do this one again. I'm a bit limited in computer time, but I will do my best to be on top of it.


I am going to check this one out I am very excited ...
SAB aka Satinangelsbaby

went and checked it out didnt quite understand it maybe I will understand the next one better and I will do that one ....


looks like there are three of us, makes for a nice intimate group.

September Pixie, is there something you had in mind? a variation of the study in the link above?

I have a few ideas if you don't.



I dont' have a lot of computer time either, but I would like to learn more about the Fey Tarot. I enjoy it a lot but feel the need to keep prodding myself to learn more. BB, Michael

September Pixie

I dont have any real suggestions, but i do love working with them and am interested in more intuitive studies :)


OK- I'll review the excercise and set something up- hopefully within the next 12 hours.


hooray I cant wait.....


After a review from the instigator ;) of this study, it is official....

Before we begin-
We first need to discuss our situation-issue-question and determine what element best suits our issue.

That will be done in this thread.
This thread will also be where you tell what card you pulled.
Each card will have it's own thread where we put our 'journaling' (the stuff we get from the phases).

There might end up being some 'holes' as we get further into the format of the study- if there are- let me cover it, if and when we find a hole ;)

so here's a run down....

Write down your 'question' & the element that best fits the situation.
As the cards are shuffled- clear your mind and think of your element.
Write down anything that comes to mind, especially try to capture those thoughts/images that seem to come and go in a flash.

Next pull 1 card and find what the dominating element is in the cards imagery.
*NOTE: Some of the Fey cards (minors) images will have a different dominating element than the one that is associated with it's suit.

From what you see in your card- make two lists (or one if your elements turned out to be the same)
One list is for the element connected to your question, what of this element is in the card?
The other list is for the element that donimates the card.

'what happens after that?'
In this thread we have the instructions for this study...."Study #3 - Take #2"
Here we will have stated our question, named an element or two and pulled a card.
What cards are pulled will reside here as a reference list only.
The rest of Phase 1 that you did (journaling) will come into play in Phase 2
'what about Phase 2?' There will be threads for each of the cards pulled.
These threads will be where most of the study happens.
*It's best to not visit the threads until after you have done your excercises.
By reading other peoples descriptions might influence and hinder your own intuitive impressions.

Pull out each of the other cards that where pulled for this study-
Look at each card and make the same lists as you did in Phase 1 with the card you pulled.
Add your data (journaling) form each of the cards to their threads.
(see threads link list below)
I repeat....don't look at the threads & others peoples 'data' until after you have done your own homework ;)

Now it's time for a reading! or two....

The Layout-
mix up all the cards of this study and lay them face down,
give each card an element 'title'- you can repeat elements if the 'feeling' is there.
you can make a list of # of elements (position-title) and put a card to each...

Turn over each card one by one and declair the cards dominating element (like in the phase 1)

remember you question's element?
Look at both lists of elements from the layout- look at the cards titled & dominated by the Element of your question. From these symbols, connect and apply it to your question.

Those that are titled address your question, those that are dominated contain your answer.

Now take the element that dominated the card you pulled and choose ONE thing from each card (in the order they fell) and do a word association.

From this collection, gather the words and symbols together into a 'solution' for your question.

SO before WE really begin, are there are there any questions about this study?


The issue I want to look into deals with simply the future. What the 'weather' is to be. I'm not officially working a job, so I'm not tied to anything. There have been people & situations that are possible leads for doing other things (mostly as a way to make money). This does not totally grab me as an earth question, it feels more like an Air question considering the aspect of potential.

And the card I pulled...Knight of Wands....a very airy card.