Studying Kabbalah


Studying Kabalah

I have been asked a number of times how to best proceed through this Forum if one is beginning to look at Kabalah. I find it a quite difficult question, as these are discussions certainly elucidating various aspects, but often, much is taken for granted.

I suggest going through the Table of Contents below, starting at the top, and moving through each of the Sefirot (Keter to Malkut), occasionally dipping into the other thread offerings.

Possibly what is going to be of central importance for the purposes of this Forum (as opposed to traditional Kabalah, in which a thorough grounding in the Torah - in Hebrew - would be deemed more central), is a slow appreciation for the (various) glyph(s) of the Tree of Life.

Hope this is of some assistance.

Table of Contents [last updated 25.09.04 - some threads not linked yet]
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Hebrew Letters

Made up of a Divine Flame of God. Each Flame represented a Psycho-Aspects of God's Personality that when you see the Living Flame in the Divine Realm during a Visual Meditation that Aspect becomes apart of your Spirit's Memory and a Signiture of Light.

The combination of a Flame defined an Attribute of God.

Several Flames configured defined a Quality of God.

All as Understood at the time.

You can enter into the DivineRealm and enter Temples for Study.

If interested get back to me.

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Celia Taylor

The Little Book Of Kabbalah

Hi Folks
Some time ago I saw a book in Waterstones entitled The Little Book of the Kabbalah (not sure whether the exacting title wording is correct!)
Does anybody know of this book?

Kind regards


Hi Celia Taylor,

I did an online search and cannot find a book with this title. If you see it again can you get the ISBN &/or the authors' name?

Bee :)

Celia Taylor

ISBN Number Little Book of Kabbalah

Many thanks Bee
I have always kicked myself for not getting this little book when I saw it but as you kindly suggest, if I do spot it again I will let you know. Really what I want to do is start from scratch with just the Tree/Ten Pillars etc.



Celia, pm for you.

Bee :)


Hello again Celia,

I see no-one has responded yet.

I personally prefer William Grays' approach. But to keep within the main-stream of Western Mystery studies, might I recommend this book;

"The Practical Qabalah", by Charles Fielding. ISBN: 0-87728-654-x

It's based on Dion Fortune and the Society of the Inner Light.

Bee :)


The link to the various glyphs in the OP is broken. :grin: