Stupid q, but when buzzed/drunk does the universe...


Still take you seriously? Or they think, "Oh Kelly is just drinking some wine having fun, we'll leave her alone for awhile" or they will take each thought I have seriously?

In a way I'd think so because if you're depressed, it will take you seriously or happy (though I wish the universe took my wants and needs more seriously, though maybe I need to be more positive".

I forget where I read it from, but I remember reading a book and there was a quote saying how the universe does NOT have a sense of humor.

So, I guess if I joke, even though I am not, "I am so fat" the universe will say "Yes I'm fat" or if I say I'm klumsy, I will keep tripping and stuff right?

(I do trip a lot but mostly due to my vision :/) but perhaps I should say I am very careful and agile where I walk).

Though I looked up doing tarot while buzzed and heard there is interesting results.

Is there a work book or an experimental kind of book where I can test the universe myself? Well not in a mean way, just, to see what works and stuff? I want to know what am I doing wrong ya know?

Does this stuff really work? Yes I am a skeptic...(I once did NOT believe dinosaurs ever were on earth).


If the Universe does not have a sense of humor then I believe we are in all in lot of trouble :)

As far as if it takes you seriously when drunk or not I believe that many in the world who are stone cold sober appear to be drunk when viewed from beings who can see things from a larger perspective. Too many instances to list but how about a police officer who is supposed be helping people but instead beats them up over a minor infraction such as littering. That is an example of something highly serious and seems as though only someone who was drunk on something would be capable of.

I think the Universe works with what is available and is serious about improving itself and its members through all means possible even including (and maybe especially) through humor.

There are scientific results that suggest that the expected outcomes of the individuals performing an experiment may influence the results obtained even down to the atomic level. If you were to test the Universe what areas would you be examining? What would be the criteria of success or failure? What is your idea of being taken seriously versus the application of humor aimed towards self-reflection? These would be some of the questions I would attempt to answer for myself to aid in an experiment as you suggest.

I believe the most common form of experimentation is to drink enough to the point of nearly passing out and then experiencing whatever happens :) the results of this method vary.