Subtle Symbols not noted?


I've noticed a few things in some cards that aren't noted in the companion book. Symbols or things that seem to be part of the card but arn't noted. Was curious if anyone else has found some of these?

4 of Wands - Note the girl in the distance looking out. Never have been able to figure out what she symbolizes.

The Wheel - This one knocked me off my feet. It adds to the meaning of the card. Note the Grandma's beads, at first sight they are normal but note their formation, they form the infinity sign. "The Wheel that goes round and round infinitly" :). Also a lot of the things in the spiral are pretty interesting too, hard to know what they all mean though.

Just a few things I've picked out. Anyone else found some interesting things?



Four of Wands

This is obviously a "party card" given the decorations and extensive preparation work being done. The "girl in the distance" is actually a Fey carrying something, perhaps heading for the party. They whole Fey deck is full of details that are not covered in the book. That's the fun of it, discovering the depth and scope of each card's meaning. Dave.


Hmm so she is carrying something. I never noticed the item (cresent moon?). To me it always looked like she was looking out into the distance. Guess its just hard to tell cause she's so small in the picture.

And I agree its the things that arn't noted that do make the deck.



Even though this is the "party card" there is work to be done! Celebration and joy are certainly to come, but the Fey are working diligently to prepare the Tree. It's interesting to me that not everybody is working, the Fey in the distance is off doing something else, or perhaps she's on a shopping trip in preparation, but the other two are working together nicely. Seems to be a good combination of joyous celebration, anticipation, and working together. BB, Michael


I haven´t got the book, but I have seen two subtle symbols that perhaps don´t are in it:
The infinite symbol made with the hair of the queen of cups
The astrologic symbol of Pisces in the Cariot made with the tails of the rat and the lizard, and the chariot axle. The lizard´s tail also makes a "fish symbol" in its end.


The Wheel

The Wheel card is so full of symbolism. Age and growth is indicated by the older Fey, younger Fey and the toys of children before them. All of the toys on the floor/ground represent the environment -- buildings, walls, animals, plants or trees, and only two people (relationships?). Its sort of pointing the Wheel's primary focus on where and how we live, and offers a suggestion that only the relationships we have with others is of great interest. So is this fate? Or is it living and visualization?

I also note that the home or farm is at the center of the spiral of toys, that the younger Fey is very well dressed (gloves, waiste-skirt, matching slippers) while the older Fey is plain clothed.

This card suggests to me that we can journey into our home/selves or out to the world, but life is not about an endless cycle of chance. Rather, this card says that "choice" determines our direction, and that we can place events and opportunities upon our journey's path. How we travel, not where we are going, seems to be emphasized, IMHO. An interesting card and a different view of the Wheel from some other cards. Dave


Funny that I found this thread I was just going to ask about the 4 of Wands. I'd never noticed that girl in the background before until I drew the card the other day in my daily draw.

I thought she was facing the other way. Away from the viewer but now I see that it actually make more sense that she it facing the tree while holding another crescent moon decoration.

It's like that optical illusion with the vase. One minute you see the vase the next two faces. ;)

I've noticed too that a few elements are not noted in the book but then it's not so much fun if it's all spelt out for us. I love it when you have one of those "aha" moments when something else seems to pop out at you. :D